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The Importance of Experience


Why are experiences so important?  What makes experiencing something so very different from just learning or hearing about something?  For just a moment, think back to your childhood.  What are some of your best childhood memories?  Don’t stress on finding the very best one, just focus on what comes to mind. Chances are, your greatest memories all involve some sort of experience. That’s because experiences tend to awaken the heart. 


Take for example the Grand Canyon.  You can study up on the Grand Canyon.  Learn all about its history, look at pictures taken by others, Google information about visiting and staying there, and read up on all the wildlife which resides within its great divide.  But no amount of studying, learning or researching can ever prepare you for its magnitude and jaw dropping beauty which will take your breath away the first time you stand on its edge.  Standing there, looking at all the amazing colors and seeing for yourself just how incredibly large it is, well, that’s an experience that will have an impact on you for sure.  It can open your eyes to the beauty and magnitude of nature and God.  It may invoke a feeling of smallness and perhaps even weakness.  It might even awaken a sense of adventure. The sights, sounds and smells all combine to create an amazing experience which will change you in a way that mere knowledge never could. 


So, what does that have to do with HGCreates you might ask?  Well, that’s a great question.  Clearly, we are not offering you the Grand Canyon. At least, not yet.  But what we are offering is a chance to awaken your heart.  We offer a variety of experiences designed to stir emotions, create space for growth and change, draw you closer to yourself or to others, and promote joy. 

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